Parque Santurtzi (Santurce)

Main entrance address:

Parque Santurtzi s/n, 48980 Santurce

Total places378
Places for disabled12
Maximal height2.1 m
  • Available payment methods

Practical information

Located at Parque de Santurtzi, nearby the City Council, Renfe´s train station and the harbour.

Also it is the most comfortable and nearest place to park and enjoy of a shopping day or the Shopping Gaua, yearly event where the Christmas lights are switch on and the shops are open until 12 pm.

1 hour€ 2,25
From the 2th hour
€ 3,95

 P-app Tariff:

1 day (24 hours) .......... 2,95 €

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New maximun daily tariff! Pay only 3,95 € for parking 24 hours, you will keep paying by minutes, thus if you park only one hour, you will pay only that hour.

So when the counter reaches 3,95 €, it will stop and you will never pay more than that amount for 24 hour (the counter starts in the momment you access into the car park).

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Phone: 944 659 267