Advertising spaces

Billboards, mupis, parking tickets, barriers...

10 million customers per year are enough reason to make the decision of being advertised in one of our car parks. And cheaper than you can imagine.


The mupis are the biggest advertising elements within a car park, and also the most visible. They are always placed at the entrances and exits, both for vehicles and pedestrian, and therefore they have the biggest possible impact. Their size is always more than 2 m2, but the exact measure depends on each car park.


Billboards are strategically positioned all over the car park, at the pedestrian access, nearby the payment machines or the control cabin. Its value for money is perfect, because for little money it is possible to create a great impact. The number and size depends on each car park.


The number of impacts of the advertising in tickets is completely real, and the main benefit for this type of advertising. There are a lot of possible chances to visualise the advertising;


The barrier is the first element that every vehicle finds when going into a car park. An advertising in the barrier will be seen by 100 % of drivers and almost all the companions. This type of publicity is inexpensive and ensures a high impact.

Special actions

Besides the advertising elements mentioned before, it is possible to study any special type of publicity action, from advertisings in the floor or ceiling to stairs, entrances, exits, payment machines or lifts. Also it is possible to make special campaigns using the car park as stand.


The car parks of Interparking Hispania can also be rented for special reasons, such as film shooting, photo sessions, car exhibitions...

For all actions mentioned before, please contact our marketing department.