Multientries per hours

Parking per hours

Multientries per hours!

The new product Multientries per hours of Interparking is the best option for professional or leisure stays of one or several hours. With unlimited entries and exits within the period and time of validity!

And now through the P-web or the P-app, after signing up as a single user, you can contract this product online!

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Reinventing our most demanded product!

Introducing Multientradas por horas by Interparking!

Imagine enjoying the freedom to enter and exit our parking facilities without restrictions for periods of 5 or 12 consecutive hours. With Multientradas por horas, we've crafted a hassle-free parking experience that adapts to your lifestyle and needs.

Our exclusive product is available on both our convenient P-app and the P-web, allowing access from your mobile device or through our website.

How does it work?

It's straightforward. When you acquire Multientradas por horas through our P-app or P-web, you can enter and exit the selected parking facility for 5 or 12 hours (depending on availability).*

Whether you need to make multiple quick stops in your daily journey or have a busy schedule, Multientradas por horas by Interparking provides the perfect solution. Forget about limitations and enjoy a parking experience tailored to your needs.

What are you waiting for? Discover the parking revolution with Multientradas por horas by Interparking. Stop wasting time searching for parking and start enjoying the freedom of movement at our facilities.


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*Not available at some car parks