Short term

Parking per minutes

Stays by minutes

Parking as it always has been. The short term, or parking by minutes, is the most universal product of Interparking.

And now through the P-web or the P-app, after signing up as a single user, you can access the best discounts!

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Stays by minutes - Classic parking

"The car park, as usual."

Stays charged per minute directly through the ticket obtained at the barrier.


Stays by minutes - P-web*

"Book your stay in one click"

Hiring stays by minutes through our website with a minimum 10% discount. With great advantages such as entry by license plate recognition (LPR) or not having to go through any payment machine.

Sign up or register online at:

*Not available at some car parks


Stays by minutes - P-app*

"Your parking on your smartphone."

With our application, the P-app, it is now possible to access, pay and exit in the Interparking car parks, without the need to use a ticket or go through the payment machine. And with a minimum 10% discount!

Download the P-app for Android:   and iOS: 

*Not available at some car parks